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Why Training Venues Increasingly Make Sense

When I first started working in the industry neither residential nor non-residential training centres had the best of reputations. More often than not they were either bleak, purpose-built buildings in city centres or old manor houses, schools and the like, bought cheap by organisations for internal use and then given a lick of paint and little else.

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The Good Old Days of Travel

As a growing Event Management and Venue Finding Agency, we are finding ourselves more often than not at Birmingham Airport as we depart to operate and manage our events. Occasionally we may be lucky enough to venture down the M40 to London Heathrow if we are going somewhere a little more exotic than Glasgow. I have always loved travelling, but as I travel more in this new world of airline cost cuts, I shudder at the mere thought of boarding a short haul flight and treat long haul with a sense of trepidation (if turning right at the door, which is always the case).

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Walking the Tight Rope

It is great to be sitting back at my desk after a very busy 8 weeks helping the team deliver some incredible event management solutions across the UK and Ireland. From managing roadshows in muddy fields to delivering a prestigious gala dinner for 370 guests, our team has combined muddy wellies, hospitality desks and dinner jackets with both style and ease.

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