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A Story of David and Goliath

Well, we did it! First event is done and dusted and I have framed a copy of my first paid invoice on the wall for posterity. A proud moment and one that has cemented our belief that we have absolutely done the right thing! Seeing our company logo on the hospitality desk sent goose bumps up my back and for the first time in a long time, I was able to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

So today, I’m sitting here writing this blog having just returned from EIBTM. It seems somewhat strange to be talking about Clearwater’s aims and objectives, but within the unchartered sea that we navigating in, it was totally reassuring to see familiar faces and old friends. It sends a wave of confidence that we are doing the right thing.

However, right now I feel that we are following a similar journey to that of the old fable David and Goliath! Indeed, the Goliaths were out in force at EIBTM, strutting their stuff and holding court somewhat at the major hotel stands. But, it makes me chuckle and question our industry as it stands.

I was shocked, actually in fact appalled to hear a certain agency is now demanding 20% commission from all hotels they use! Have we as an industry gone entirely mad? I feel we are at a turning point with the Goliath’s of this world. Clients unknowingly in many cases are being channeled into hotels, not for their suitability of the brief, but rather the agencies own override and commission agreements. Surely the only person to suffer is the client? These demands in rate reduction and increased commission can only be met by own simple action…. Cutting quality.

At times it seem that events are no longer started with a blank canvas, rather a set of SLAs, SOPs and KPI where proposals are often molded from agencies own criteria.
Of course it doesn’t happen all the time and there are many, many creatives out there. But it does seem that the Goliaths are starting to lose touch with the very essence of why people meet. And it’s the Davids of this world that I truly believe will prevail at the end of the day. Small agencies can’t always compete with rates, but we can compete in overall value, quality and creativity. And, as small agencies have low operating costs, indeed we become more cost effective as reduced rates only form one part of the overall budget…

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Marketing and Growth. Think Before you Spend……..

So, Clearwater Events is officially two months old today. Happy Birthday to us! What a strange two months it has been. Time has whizzed by with such lightening speed that days merge in weeks and weeks become a blur.

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Diary of A Start-Up

So here I am at the starting blocks of a new adventure, a new chapter if you will and a set of challenges that I have been waiting to embrace for many years. Being in the events industry for almost 15 years, I consider myself a bit of a veteran and have worked for the good, the brilliant and the inspirational. I’ve operated events all over the world, from Bognor to Bangalore and have worked for incredible clients.

Yet, there has been a nagging, a hunch, a feeling that I could do this alone. At first I thought it was indigestion. But soon realized that I could perhaps, possibly maybe bring all my experiences together and set up alone?

My nagging has been partly fueled by my frustration. Frustration of the process for process culture our industry has created. Process, which has taken my role from one of incredible creativity to one, which has more paperwork than a pilot’s manual. Agreed, we need structure, order and logic, but where has the blank canvas gone? Do we have to sacrifice the very heart of what we do so as to follow a work schedule?

There is a lot of encouragement for budding entrepreneurs right now. Government initiatives such as ‘Start up Britain’ are encouraging people like me to go it alone and there is a wealth of information, support and advice out there for new start-ups to get going. The recession has opened up opportunities and it seems at least in theory, this is the perfect time for a smaller, more cost effective agency to set up.

So after selling the family silver, I have been able to turn this nagging and frustration into a reality and start an agency my way – and Clearwater Events is born.

It’s going to be a rollercoaster journey with highs, lows and lots of in-betweens and it seems only fitting that I share this. Will government initiatives help Clearwater Events? Will clients be excited by our bold ambition? Will the industry embrace our thinking?

So, ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts in preparation for take off. It’s going to be quite a ride!

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