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Thoughts on 2018

2018 promises to be an exciting year for Grass Roots Meetings & Events. Our offering stood apart from the core services provided by The Grass Roots Group and when Blackhawk Network, a prepaid and payments agency bought The Grass Roots Group in late 2016 it was understandable that we were never going to be a key part of their long term business plan.

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Why Training Venues Increasingly Make Sense

When I first started working in the industry neither residential nor non-residential training centres had the best of reputations. More often than not they were either bleak, purpose-built buildings in city centres or old manor houses, schools and the like, bought cheap by organisations for internal use and then given a lick of paint and little else.

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Winning over the doubters

Whenever a company appoints a new supplier it creates a degree of change which is not always appreciated by employees. Whilst the majority within the company will embrace the change and understand it is being done for good reason,  a number will rally against the change and continue utilising their old method regardless.

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The State of the Industry: Insights from Our Survey

As part of the extensive research carried out for the Grass Roots Meetings Industry Report, we surveyed over 1,000 people from corporates, agencies and suppliers in Europe and the US. Having presented the findings at The Meetings Show on Thursday 15th June, I wanted to share some additional insight here.

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Ch-Ch-Changes – Forecasting a Disruptive Future for Travel and Meetings

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in my working life is the trend for businesses to constantly question how they do things. Until 10 or so years ago the status quo was there to be respected and adhered to. Now by contrast the term disruptive is very much in vogue. Everyone is being challenged to do things differently and rip up the existing model. In short – If it ain’t broke fix it anyway. The need for change is now constant.
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Improving the performance of Learning and Development programmes

What if I told you I could save your organisation 32% of your meeting spend, just like that?

It’s certainly a headline grabbing figure, and in today’s business environment it’s one that many couldn’t choose to ignore, particularly for companies who spend more than £2 million a year on external venues for their learning and development programmes.

But what if I also told you that saving money could also lead to a better learning experience for those attending your events? And is it true, can you really cut meeting spend and make a better meeting?

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Performance improvement needs to lie at the heart of our events

I was recently asked by a junior member at the cricket club what I do for a living, which is harder to answer than you might imagine. Whilst we are certainly in the business of meetings and events that doesn’t really get to the core of what our industry is about and stands for. The truth is that events are really just a channel, a means to an end, and it is that end goal that really matters because ultimately for meetings and events to be successful they need to change behaviour and have a positive effect on business improvement.

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