Improving the performance of Learning and Development programmes

What if I told you I could save your organisation 32% of your meeting spend, just like that?

It’s certainly a headline grabbing figure, and in today’s business environment it’s one that many couldn’t choose to ignore, particularly for companies who spend more than £2 million a year on external venues for their learning and development programmes.

But what if I also told you that saving money could also lead to a better learning experience for those attending your events? And is it true, can you really cut meeting spend and make a better meeting?

To be honest it is no big secret and the answer is already well known, and probably something you have heard about…

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM)

SMM is a term many use, but it is also a term used in many different ways. For me it is a decision taken at a board level to understand and maximise meeting spend through a mixture of consolidation and best practice. The strategic use of resources is nothing new, businesses do it all the time when it comes to assets – the trick though is to recognise that meetings are simply another resource that you can manage effectively if you put your mind to it.

How can it improve your learning and development programme performance?

Firstly, there are the financial gains, as you benefit from systemisation, buying power and the use of subject matter experts who understand the venue market and deliver truly great solutions. More importantly though is the ability those very same experts bring to understanding the goals of an event. Rather than choosing a venue based on price or location alone, they can take a holistic look, understand the needs of the L&D programme and deliver a venue that ensures attendees are energised, focused and in a place conducive to learning.

People, premises and technology

By focussing on your people, premises and technology a true SMM programme will bring together the key elements for meeting, learning and development success. It ensures a seamless, real-time service that provides accurate information and return on investment. And it leads to the selection of venues that genuinely add value to attendees. All of which will in turn naturally lead to cost reductions, greater efficiency and improved performance both in knowledge and financial terms. Ultimately, in a world where everybody’s time away from the office has a cost, your next meeting is only as successful as your last.

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