Walking the Tight Rope

It is great to be sitting back at my desk after a very busy 8 weeks helping the team deliver some incredible event management solutions across the UK and Ireland. From managing roadshows in muddy fields to delivering a prestigious gala dinner for 370 guests, our team has combined muddy wellies, hospitality desks and dinner jackets with both style and ease.

After 18 months of operation, our event management and venue finding solutions have found their feet and we continue to develop our products with customer service at the center of everything we do. Our team is growing and our client portfolio is increasing.

With this, I personally feel that I am now walking the ‘tightrope’, balancing enquiries with live projects and ensuring we have the right balance of resources to deliver extraordinary event management solutions.  As I balance, I am juggling projects such as a website rebrand and development of bespoke delegate registration software so we can further grow. It’s daunting and exciting.

The first year as expected was a year where we had to earn our stripes. My own reputation as an Account Director helped generate industry awareness, but our event management and venue finding product offering was new, untested and as with any new start up there was skepticism. The first year was about pure hard work, determination and breaking down hurdles.

In the last year, I have seen a shift in the way suppliers to include hotels and venues approach us. When we started, there was limited interest. Now we have earned some of our stripes, suppliers are knocking at our doors for appointments with requests to work together.

Now we are in our second year, I would say that we are working even harder with greater determination for Clearwater Events to be seen as a serious industry player. But, added to that, I am walking the tight rope.

We have two major client accounts supported with standalone event management and venue finding projects, which keeps our team very busy. We have a fantastic Sales Manager who is helping to strengthen our business and our team of Event Managers is growing. But, with our growth, I can’t do everything by myself now. I have to balance profit with overheads and ensure we have the right resources for the right events. And it does feel like walking the tight rope whilst juggling a number of balls in the air.

When you work for a large established event management or venue finding agency, regardless of your position, there is a level of comfort. You know that in your tightrope walking there is likely to be a crash pad under you to break your fall just in case you side step. You may also have very big hands to manage your juggling act. But, as owner of a start up agency, that crash pad isn’t there, so each step you take needs to be carefully planned, managed and delivered with precision and accuracy.

As I continue to walk the tightrope, become a juggling master and side step without losing my balance, I can see the crash mat start to form under me. Growing Clearwater Events ‘is’ all about the balance, keeping focused and ensuring the team deliver extraordinary event management and venue finding solutions whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Our next chapter in our start up will be very much how we as a company master our balancing act…….